How to find the perfect sized wall art for my living room space?

How to Know What Size Wall Art You Want for Your Living Room

When you’re ready to decorate your living room walls, it’s exciting to think about all the potential artwork you can choose from. And then you realize
you’ll have to find just the right size — which can be overwhelming.
It’s true that figuring out the ideal dimensions of extra-large wall art for
living rooms can be tricky, but we have a simple way for you to find the
perfectly-sized piece.

Large Wall Art Is All About Proportion

We’ve all seen a too-small picture hung on a wall or a far-too-big painting
covering every inch of the wall–it looks unbalanced and can affect the
room's overall atmosphere. So proportion is key when sizing for large wall

Thankfully home designers have given us some tips and tricks to avoid this awkward conundrum.

In general, artwork should take up 65–70% of available wall space, though
that’s not something most people want to leave to chance. That’s where the
following calculation comes in handy.

First, measure the width of the empty wall space and multiply that number
by .65. For example, if your wall is 75” across, the equation is 75 x .65 =
48.75”, which is about 4 feet. So, your ideal piece of artwork will have to be
approximately 4 feet wide.

Similarly, do the same calculation with the height of your blank wall area.
For example, if the height is 35”, 35 x .65 = 22.75”, then your piece of art
should be 22.75” or about 2 feet high.

Now, take these width and height dimensions, in our example, 4’ x 2’, and you’ve got the perfect size for your future artwork!

When Between Sizes, Go Bigger

Home decor experts offer one final note: when in doubt, rather choose a bigger piece than a smaller one.

So if you’re looking at artwork that’s a bit bigger than your
calculated size, don’t worry — choosing the larger size will often look better than opting for the smaller piece.

Choose a Single Piece of Art...or a Few

When choosing large wall art for your living room, finding a singular piece that’s just right will most definitely create a classic statement piece. But you can consider artwork sets, too, especially if you’d like to break up the space on a larger wall.

If you do decide on a set of two or three art pieces, it’s important to take into consideration the spacing between them as you position this artwork on your wall. Home designers recommend leaving 2”–5” from the edge of each piece of art. When choosing a set of extra-large wall art for living rooms, the proportional calculation above still applies, but do remember to include 2”– 5” of space in your overall measurements.

Try Out a Dry Run to Visualize Your Dimensions

Often, many homeowners want a visual feel of what their extra-large wall art will look like in their living rooms. A great way to do this is to cut out the artwork’s size in newsprint, kraft paper, or even wrapping paper and tape it to the wall space where the art will be displayed. Choosing extra-large wall art for living rooms can be daunting, but these suggestions can be helpful and can guide you in finding the ideal-sized artwork for your space.