Four Ways In Which Art Adds Value To A Home

Whether in the form of drawings, sculptures, or paintings, art has always been a fundamental part of the human experience. One of the many reasons we value art deeply is that creating, viewing, and incorporating it into homes positively impacts our brain chemistry.

Bringing this positive energy into our homes is one of the ways to make our spaces healthy outlets for feelings, self-expression, and creative ideas.

In this article, we'll talk about the various benefits of having artwork at our home and the purpose we can achieve through it. Let's learn more about how art adds value to a home.

Art develops empathy

Abstract art painting that shows confrontation =

Spending some time in a place where art is added thoughtfully improves our relationships. People love to talk about art, and a greater sense of empathy is developed through this discussion. Through active listening and comprehension, we share emotions, which strengthen our bonding.

In other words, art acts as a phenomenal ice-breaker topic, transforming our living spaces into vibrant platforms for conversation. Ever noticed how a striking piece of abstract art painting can draw people together, sparking curiosity and dialogue? Guests may ask about the story behind a painting or the artist's inspiration, leading to discussions that range far beyond the initial inquiry. These conversations can delve into personal beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and even individual experiences.

These stories, rich with emotion and experience, invite us to step into the shoes of others, often leading us to explore feelings and perspectives different from our own. Over time, this engagement with art nurtures our capacity for empathy.

Artwork freshens up our homes

The best thing about adding art to our home is that it instils a fresh feel into the interiors. It doesn't matter if your building is old or a new one; you can always embellish it in interesting ways by using artwork. Hang a shelf, an abstract painting in your living room, some succulents, and a sculptural piece to complete the look.

From oil on canvas in stately mansions to abstract art in chic apartments, paintings have long adorned our living spaces. When decorating our homes, our designs and color schemes show our style and give us pleasure. 

Injecting artwork into our living spaces is like breathing a new lease of life into them. It can help you completely transform the place without ever needing to over invest in expensive remodelling projects. There’s no need to tear down walls or completely replace your furniture. By just adding a great piece of art on the wall, you’ll achieve the effect of the place looking completely new and different.

As already stated, artwork allows homeowners to update their spaces continually without the commitment or expense of traditional renovations. Trends in interior design shift like the tide, but art remains timeless—even as it refreshes the look and feel of a home.

You could swap out a landscape painting for an abstract piece, or introduce a series of black and white paintings to replace a colorful mural, and each change brings a new energy and perspective to the room.

Art adds to existing décor

A 3 piece canvas painting with a cherry tree

Having artwork can accent the aspects of your existing interior design, such as wall colors, furniture pieces, rugs, etc. If you've ever painted your room, added furniture pieces, and then stood back to look but felt like something was missing, a beautiful, well-fitting piece of bedroom painting may have been what you needed to complete the look.

If your wall colors and furniture are neutral, a vibrant piece of artwork would really pop into the space while giving the room some character. On the other hand, if your room is overwhelmed with colors, adding a neutral piece of art like "Crystal Blue Shores", will provide a sense of calm; finding the right piece according to your space gives that missing finishing touch to your interior design.

It's the difference between a room that feels furnished and one that feels complete. Whether it's through color, form, or theme, art has a way of integrating elements of decor, creating a cohesive look that resonates with the personality of the homeowner.

A series of small prints can make a long hallway seem more intimate, while a large, dramatic piece can add a sense of grandeur to a simple space. In other words, it also depends on the room that we’re talking about and your intentions with the place. You can completely change the narrative with a single piece. It’s hard to imagine even the most expensive furniture piece making such an impact.

Hanging a painting takes a few minutes, and it changes the room forever.

Art provides a focal point

Designing a space can be a daunting task, especially if you're doing it from the start. Adding a piece of artwork that you really love can provide you with a reference point to design your home around. In addition, it helps you in choosing the color palette and theme of your house.

Once you have picked a theme, you'll have an easier time looking for other décor items to fill your space. For example, if you have a large and colorful artwork in your bedroom, you may want to select bedspreads and curtains that are more on the neutral side.

Still, if your artwork is neutral, you can add vibrant colors in other parts of the décor. Having a focal point helps you to make a more cohesive interior design in your home.

Do you know how when you walk into a room, there's this one piece that just grabs your attention? An abstract painting like "Mary Ann"? That's the power of having art as a focal point. It's like the room's very own spotlight moment, where everything else subtly steps back to let this one piece take the lead.

Suddenly, the same space now tells a different story, feels different, and even the conversations change. A focal point grabs everyone’s attention, and you shouldn’t be surprised if it’s all that your guests talk about for a while.

The value of art goes beyond just material

Blue and white abstract painting

While art may have an intrinsic value, the truth is that it also boosts the resale value of the place. In other words, you and your home are gaining a lot of value for a fairly moderate investment.

No matter how you decide to look at it, one thing is undeniable - art adds value, both to our homes and our lives and this is why ArtsByMaudsch is there to help you decide which painting fits you the best.