The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wall Art for Bedroom in 2024

The decor of your home reflects your personality and character. It is a way of expressing yourself to the world. While your home's exterior and general areas, like the living room, are places for public display, your bedroom is a private space reserved for you, your family, and special individuals. That's why the decor of your bedroom is even more important and intimate.

This is why the decor of your bedroom is even more significant and intimate. The choice of colors, furniture, and even wall art for your bedroom is a much bigger deal than you may have initially thought. After all, it’s your inner sanctum that we’re talking about.

Design trends evolve with time, but some principles always play a strong role. To help you navigate this ever-shifting landscape of bedroom decor, here’s a guide to help you choose the best wall art for your bedroom in 2024.

Ideal bedroom wall art size

Generally speaking, bedroom wall art should cover up to 65-70% of your entire wall.

There are two things you need to remember when it comes to this:

  • This is the maximum that you should cover. You’re allowed to go under, but you shouldn’t go over. This means that while 40% is good enough, 80% should be seen as unacceptable.
  • You don’t have to fill the “quota” with a single piece. While you can go with one massive horizontal painting that covers 50% of the wall on its own, you can combine decor elements and paintings for the bedroom any way you like.

Just keep in mind two things: first, these are guidelines. Not rules or laws. Second, it’s not just about the amount of space that you have but the format of the painting itself.

For instance, your bedroom may have a lower ceiling, so it doesn’t make much sense to go with a vertical painting. In fact, by picking a smaller, square abstract painting, you can create an optical illusion where the room appears larger than it really is.

Moreover, while we acknowledge that, when picking art, the majority of people are going by what they like and only paying attention to the shape and dimensions later, this is in no way insignificant. Remember, you’re not buying a painting as an investment. A framed wall art for the bedroom is a part of the decor, which means that it’s only as good as it fits the rest of the decor.

Assessing the style

assessing the style of the room

When choosing bedroom wall decor, it’s important to understand the proper order of things. Sure, if you already have an expensive piece of art, you might want to build a bedroom around it. If not, you will probably start by picking the furniture and color palette first, then looking for a bedroom painting that fits your style.

It’s important to stress one thing — choosing wall art for a bedroom and choosing it for a gallery are not the same thing.

If you are aiming for a simple and clean design, such as Scandinavian minimalism, it is recommended to choose something minimalistic for your wall art.

Abstract art usually works well in this scenario and can also blend well with any other contemporary theme. It can even complement an industrial theme with bare walls and exposed copper plumbing.

However, if you prefer a more traditional style, it is best to choose a conventional painting that matches your exact style. For instance, a Victorian or vintage bedroom could look great with a Baroque-style gilded frame and a "traditional" painting.

If you are aiming for a shabby chic look, it is recommended to pick something rural or animal-themed for your wall art.

Combine with personal items

In a previous conversation, we discussed the concept of the art-to-wall ratio and what is the ideal size for wall art. However, it is essential to consider this principle from the perspective of bedroom wall decor. Specifically, having artwork that covers 70% of your wall may seem daunting at first. Nevertheless, if you take into account other wall ornaments, such as picture frames, wall hangings, or decorative objects, achieving this ratio can become quite effortless.

One of the best options for complementary ornaments is family photos and memorabilia. Family heirlooms, souvenirs from family trips, and examples of personal achievements (photographs of big events, certificates, and drawings) are your safest bets.

However, you need to make sure that the styles and color palettes match. Keep in mind that, in the majority of scenarios, you’ll already have some photos in your albums before you choose to buy photographs.

This gives you some very important pointers when picking wall art for the bedroom. For instance, if your current photograph setup revolves around memories of your time at the seaside, you can go for marine-themed artwork.

Even if your photos (when stacked together) aren’t monochrome, there’s usually an option of picking a colorful painting that goes with it. Just try to visualize what these (smaller) visual ornaments will look like when aligned around the wall art as a focal point.

Also, if you can get the same style for the frame (on both bedroom wall art and these photographs), that would be just amazing.

Reconsider your bedroom lighting structure

Bedroom lighting

A bedroom is one of the rare areas of your home where the lighting structure and palette change throughout the day. You have to consider this seriously. Lights with lower CRI can make objects appear faded and muddy, even when the color is exactly the same.

What this means for you is that the light structure won't be the same early in the morning (with curtains closed or open), during the day, while getting dressed or working (if you have one of those closet home offices), and in the evening (while trying to set up a romantic ambiance).

This means that the bedroom canvas art that you choose (or any other object, for that matter) might look different under a different light. Ideally, you would consider what the object of your choosing will look like during each of these scenarios and parts of the day.

The lighting requirements for a living room or a home office are different because these rooms are single-purpose. As a result, the lighting setup in these areas tends to remain consistent whenever you are in the room. The same could not be said about your bedroom.

Moreover, it is important to note that a piece of wall art in your bedroom can be so striking that it might be worth designing a lighting system around it. This will not cost as much as you might think, and it will enhance the overall look of the room.

The best wall art for the bedroom is the one that blends with the rest of the decor

Ultimately, you need to acknowledge that you’re not picking a piece for an exhibit but a piece of decor for your bedroom. This is why, if you’re aiming for maximum visual effect, you need to pick something that fits and is natural.

So, measure the wall art, measure your walls, and rethink how the shape of the frame will fit with the other pieces of decor that you have displayed.

Considering context and surroundings makes choosing wall art for the bedroom much easier.

Top bedroom wall art from our collection

Based on the criteria we discussed above, these are top wall art picks for bedrooms in 2024 from our collection of handmade bedroom abstract paintings.

Lilly Garden

Lily Garden abstract painting

"Lily Garden" is an exquisite abstract painting that captures the essence of sophistication and serenity.

This piece features a delicate assembly of floral-inspired patterns reminiscent of a luscious lily garden. The soft grays and whites interplay with the subtle textures in the background, creating a sense of depth and tranquility. The gentle yet expressive brushstrokes evoke a naturalistic yet contemporary feel, making it the perfect statement piece for any modern bedroom that prizes elegance and a minimalist aesthetic.

"Lily Garden" stands out as a versatile work of art, harmoniously blending with various décor schemes while providing a tranquil focal point. Its significant size and horizontal form make it ideal for enhancing the space above a bed or anchoring a large wall with artistic interest.

This artwork is a visual delight and an investment in the grace and calm that every sophisticated bedroom deserves.

Enrich your space with this serene piece, and allow the allure of abstract beauty to infuse your daily life with peace and elegance.


Featherly abstract painting

"Featherly" is a captivating abstract painting that exudes a sense of luxury and refined taste.

This artwork features an elegant feather, its form detailed with rich blues and accented with strokes of gold, which shimmer against a textured backdrop of neutral tones. The painting’s grandeur is heightened by the use of metallic elements, creating a dynamic interplay of light and texture that promises to enrich any bedroom with its presence.

"Featherly" is designed to suit the modern connoisseur - its opulent design making it a perfect fit for contemporary bedrooms that boast a chic and upscale décor. The painting's proportions ensure it will command attention, serving as an exquisite centerpiece that adds a touch of glamour and sophistication.

Infuse your bedroom with the artistry and allure of "Featherly." This piece is not merely a decorative element but an expression of elegance, offering an immersive visual experience that elevates the everyday.

Elevate your sanctuary with this stunning piece, and let the serene beauty of this feather inspire tranquility and grace in your private haven.


Beach abstract painting

"Beach" is a striking abstract painting that captures the essence and beauty of the seaside.

This piece is a celebration of coastal allure, with its vibrant blues and earthy tones layered in harmonious stripes reminiscent of the horizon where the sky meets the sea. Gold accents run through the painting like the glinting sunlight on the water's surface, bringing a sense of warmth and depth to the composition.

"Beach" is a perfect addition to a bedroom that aims to be a serene retreat. It's suited for spaces where the goal is to create a calm, refreshing atmosphere, inviting the thoughts of gentle waves and soft sand. The painting's substantial size makes it a central point of interest, able to anchor the room's aesthetic and inspire a light, airy feeling.

Bring the tranquil vibe of a beachside haven into your bedroom with "Beach." This artwork is not just a visual pleasure; it embodies a lifestyle of relaxation and natural elegance.

Enhance your space with this serene and picturesque painting, letting it guide you into a state of peacefulness as if every day is a day spent at the shore.


Marble abstract painting

"Marble" is an art piece that embodies modern sophistication with its abstract portrayal of marble textures.

This painting juxtaposes the deep, velvety blacks against pristine whites, while the streaks of gold add a touch of opulence, creating a design that mimics the luxurious feel of marble stone. The bold contrast and the fluidity of the lines suggest both motion and stability, much like the natural veins that run through a slab of high-quality marble.

"Marble" is ideal for the contemporary bedroom that celebrates sleek design and minimalist elegance. The painting's vertical orientation and significant stature make it perfect for narrow walls, where it can introduce a striking visual anchor. Its color palette is versatile, allowing it to complement a range of interior styles, from the starkly modern to the warmly traditional.

This painting is not just a decorative element but an invocation of the minimalistic luxury that resonates with refined tastes.

Enhance your personal oasis with this magnificent piece, and let its sophisticated charm transform your bedroom into a space of curated elegance.

El Concierto

El Concierto abstract painting

"El Concierto" is a vibrant painting that bursts with the energy and rhythm of a musical ensemble.

This piece captures the dynamic essence of a live concert, with its stylized figures of musicians passionately immersed in their performance. The bold use of colors and the abstract depiction of the characters bring a sense of movement and melody to the canvas, as if the music itself were alive within the strokes of paint.

"El Concierto" is the epitome of artistic flair, making it an ideal choice for a bedroom that celebrates creativity and vivacity. The painting's narrative invites onlookers to engage with the depicted scene, encouraging a connection with the arts and the joyous spirit of music.

This artwork does more than adorn a wall—it transforms your space into a stage for imagination and cultural appreciation. Its presence in a bedroom is a nod to the homeowner's passion for the arts and an embrace of life's melodious moments.

Invite this exuberant piece into your home and let it orchestrate a symphony of style and inspiration in your personal retreat.