6 Tips How To Make Your Home Feel Like Home With Art

Moving into a new place can be your life’s great joy, but it can also be challenging, even outright. This is especially the case when it comes to decorating. One of these challenges is – how to create a beautiful space that also reflects your personality and style without overdoing it.

Imagine meeting someone for the very first time and them sharing a thing or two about your preferences about your preferences. Chances are that the first thing you’ll touch upon will be art. Sure, you may choose to talk about a favorite show or movie, but every now and again, the conversation will take a different direction and end up discussing writers and painters. Art is so personal that it’s often inseparable from our identity. So, what better way is there to show that the place is truly yours?

Today, we have curated a list of six tips to decorate your home with wall art; incorporating these tips in your home will turn your dull, bland place into the home of your dreams:

Use matching colors

Abstract painting that matches the color of the room

Picking a color palette for your art is a sure way to bring cohesiveness to your home. Observe the décor and furniture around; it’s best to choose a palette that matches the soft furnishing of your space. It helps bring the whole décor together without making anything look out of place.

Now, while matching is marvelous, don't be afraid to shake things up a bit with your art. A well-placed piece that adds a new accent color or contrasts beautifully with the rest of your decor can absolutely transform a space, giving it depth and character. It's all about balance. You want your artwork to stand out as a focal point, but you also want to avoid it clashing with its surroundings.

Imagine a serene, neutral-toned room accented by a colorful abstract painting; it's like a visual symphony where the artwork leads with a solo that enhances the melody of the room without overpowering it.

So, for example, when you're selecting that perfect piece of wall art for your bedroom, think about how its colors will play with the rest of your wall art bedroom decor. It's an opportunity to express your unique style and bring a little magic into your home.

Pick a theme

Picking a theme for your home before selecting art pieces is of great importance. It can be anything from monochrome rustic to pop art; art pieces that correspond with one particular theme contribute to a strong overall design.

However, themes can evolve. Your home can be a dynamic space that grows with you. After all, you’ll change the rest of the decor eventually, won't you? Does it make sense to pick something that will, next time, feel out of place? Pick something flexible, something that can belong to multiple themes, and provide yourself with some maneuvering space.

For instance, you start with a theme of nature and, over time, incorporate elements of exploration and discovery. This evolution can be a beautiful reflection of your own growth and changing interests.

Most importantly, themes don't have to be overt or literal; they can be subtle, tied together by the emotions or thoughts they evoke rather than a strict subject matter. The key thing is that the connection makes sense to you. So, when you're selecting art, think about how each piece contributes to the story you want to tell.

Hang large-scale wall art

Vertical striking abstract painting

An oversized art piece like a vertical abstract painting helps set the tone in a small space while being a focal point. Try adding vibrant colors with an abstract art painting, or use a black and white painting in a minimalist space. Overall, the right piece of wall art can help you optically manipulate the space in any room.

Got a small room? A large artwork can create an illusion of depth, making the room appear larger than it is. It's like a magic trick for your interiors, expanding your space visually without having to knock down any walls.

Plus, in larger rooms, a substantial piece of art can anchor the space, giving it a focal point and pulling together disparate elements into a cohesive whole.

It's a strategic move to make your home feel more expansive, welcoming, and undeniably yours. So, if you're looking to elevate your space with minimal effort but maximum impact, going big might just be the way forward.

Create a gallery wall

A gallery wall is a great feature to add personality and colors to your home. Hang all the beautiful art pieces that you have collected from around the world. Go for simple, cohesive frames to maintain the flow.

A gallery wall injects a level of sophistication and style into your home that is entirely customizable. You're the artist and curator, playing with spacing, sizes, and frames to create not just visual interest but a rhythm that guides the eye across the collection. It's an opportunity to experiment with themes, colors, and layouts, making your space a direct reflection of your creative vision.

Most importantly, it’s more dynamic and gives you more maneuverability. You can change a piece or two and maintain the integrity of the whole while breaking it at the same time. It’s simpler, cheaper, and won’t require an overhaul of the entire space. In other words, it’s great for those who expect to introduce some changes in the near future.

Wall art above furniture

Gold Leavse abstract painting

Installing an abstract painting like "Gold Leaves" above a credenza in your entryway or living room can draw extra attention to furniture pieces. Align your selected furniture with the wall and decorate the above wall space with framed posters and paintings. This little art composition in your home makes it look like a professionally styled home.

It's a strategic move that can define zones within an open-plan space or add a layer of depth and dimension to smaller rooms. It draws the eye upwards, making ceilings appear higher, and rooms feel more spacious. Plus, it's a fantastic way to express your personal style and change the vibe of a room without a complete overhaul.

It's not just decor; it's a dialogue between art and space. This way, each piece of furniture becomes a stage for the artwork above it. Soon, you’ll have the right piece of art in mind whenever you visit a furniture salon. You won’t be able to pick an armchair without imagining it with the adequate art piece hanging above.

Install shelves

If you have small paintings that you feel do not look good anywhere else, install a spectacular hanging or floating shelf on your wall to display this tiny artwork. Then, add a small sculpture and succulents to give a finishing touch to your shelf décor.

Think of these shelves as your very own exhibition space, where small framed works and sculptures get their moment in the spotlight, nestled against the backdrop of your wall. It's a beautiful way to bring depth and texture to your art display, allowing each piece to be appreciated from different angles.

Every small sculpture or framed work has its own history, whether it's a treasure picked up on travels, a gift from someone special, or a creation that spoke to you on a deep level. By giving these pieces a designated spot on your shelves, you're not just decorating your space; you're curating a collection of personal narratives that adds soul and warmth to your home.