Czech Pine
Joints: Finger Joints
Finish: Gesso Coating
Type: Floating Frame
*Made in The Netherlands

Rolled Canvas:
Carefully rolled cotton canvas, shipped in a protective tube.
Stretched out:
Cotton canvas is stretched on a wooden frame. Ready to hang.
Stretched and framed with a white Czech Pine Frame.
Stretched and framed with a black Czech Pine Frame.
Stretched and framed with a black+gold Czech Pine Frame.

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Art by Maudsch is an Amsterdam-based art collective that presents the world with art from
emerging and aspiring artists. We are not just a gallery, we are a movement to spread the benefits of art all around the world.

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ArtByMaudsch was established in 2020, the year that presented challenges to lots of artists around the world. Now, in 2022, our mission is to serve the world with everlasting experiences and works of art that stand the test of time.

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*All our paintings are made of high quality cotton canvas using oil and acrylic paint. We deliver our paintings worldwide, free of charge.