6 Tips How To Make Your Home Feel Like Home With Art

Moving into a new place can be your life’s great joy, but it can also be overwhelming and frustrating when it comes to decorating. How to create a beautiful space that also reflects your personality and style without overdoing it?

Today we have curated a list of 6 tips to decorate your home with art; incorporating these tips in your home will turn your dull, bland place into the home of your dreams:

Use matching colors

Picking a color palette for your art is a sure way to bring cohesiveness to your home. Observe the décor and furniture around; it’s best to choose a palette that matches the soft furnishing of your space. It helps bring the whole décor together without anything looking out of the place.

Pick a theme

Picking a theme for your home before selecting art pieces is of great importance. It can be anything from monochrome, rustic to pop art; art pieces that correspond with one particular theme contribute to a strong overall design.

Hang large-scale wall art

An oversized art piece like a photograph or painting helps set the tone in a small space while being a focal point. Try adding vibrant colors with an abstract art painting, or use a black and white painting in a minimalist space.

Create a gallery wall

A gallery wall is a great feature to add personality and colors to your home. Hang all the beautiful art pieces that you have collected from around the world. Go for simple, cohesive frames to maintain the flow. 

Wall art above furniture

Installing an art piece above a credenza in your entryway or living room can draw extra attention to such furniture pieces. Align your selected furniture with the wall and decorate the above wall space with framed posters and paintings. This little art composition in your home makes it look like a professionally styled home.

Install shelves

If you have small paintings that you feel are not looking good anywhere else, install a spectacular hanging or floating shelf on your wall to display this tiny artwork. Then, add a small sculpture and succulents to give a finishing touch to your shelf décor.